I wrote my first journal to my younger son Cameron when he was 17,  while he was away training motocross in the US. I used the journal to tell him how proud I am of his accomplishments and how much I love having him in my life. I shared cherished memories and included encouragement as he was struggling with competition and striving to be a top rider in his class. I also used his journal as an opportunity to apologize for some things I wasn't proud of while he was growing up. He may not have remembered, but it was important to me. I gave him his journal shortly after his 17th Birthday.



Acknowledge the ones you love.  Throw up the white flag!  Forgive.  Make Peace.  Ignite Your Romance.  Apologize.  Grieve.


Give a beautiful, meaningful gift:  Birthdays,  Anniversaries Bride to GroomMother’s DayChristmasFather’s Day,  Hanukkah,  Valentine’s Day,  Thanks-giving DayAny Day!

Before you decide "I can't write a journal" or "I don't know how to write," YES YOU CAN!  If you can write a text, email or comment on Facebook, then yes, you can write. When you  write from your heart, it all flows, easily. (and I'll give you tons of prompts!)

I am on a mission to bring people together and I want you to KNOW that it is possible to have a more intimate relationship with a new level of love and gratitude for someone who is important to you.

All you need to bring is your love and willingness, I'll show you the rest.


That was the beginning of Open Heart Journals and now I run online workshops and retreats to teach the process that I further developed to show you how you can reach your own children, or someone that you love.

I am also a mother to a young man (24), with Aspergers Syndrome. My experience  of raising him and his brother as a single mother was one of the most challenging times of my life. I flew by the seat of my pants much of the time, and can now look back and see somewhat of a path I followed, when I connect the dots. As a result of much trial and error and honestly, a LOT of intuition, I am the incredibly proud mother of an extraordinary young man, who is a real life Super Hero, (Captain Canada!), Author, Film Maker, Screen Writer and Social/Dating Advocate for people with Aspergers. 

I'm Lori Bateman - Founder, Coach, Journal Maven at OPEN HEART JOURNALS where I help you write appreciation journals to acknowledge the people you love most.

Your relationships are the most important part of your life and yet you might be 

struggling with not knowing how or what to say  to feel close to the person you love


You are quietly suffering and wondering, how can I fix this?

Writing an appreciation journal is a very heart opening experience, for you and the person you are writing to. It opens up your channels of communication, walls come down, misunderstandings are cleared, you have more compassion for one another...and that's just the beginning! 


   when you are going through a divorce and you're worried about how your children are managing? (write them to  let them know they are loved no matter what)

  when your young adult children are leaving the nest or getting married and you want to let them know how proud you are? ( your love, encouragement and support will give them wings)

  Or when you and your husband (wife, boyfriend, partner) are going through a rough patch and you'd like to be close but you don't know where to start? ( you being the one to say, "I love and appreciate you" will open their hearts to a whole new level of intimacy)

 when you might be struggling with how to reconnect with your mother or brother after a family dispute? (arguments, opinions, disagreements can be resolved. Don't let silence separate you from someone you love)

❤  when you are grieving (not just a death) You might be grieving a situation, like the life you thought you were going to have before your child was diagnosed or your parent got sick.  OR maybe a long relationship has just ended?

Journaling has been my true love since I was 10 years old. I’ve journaled through every milestone, challenge, opportunity, relationship, vacation, job, heartbreak, fear, panic, marriage, divorce, death, and now I am surrounded  with over 60 books, last count! (In case you didn’t guess, that’s me up top with a few of my journals). When I was thinking about ways

I could express my love, a journal was the natural choice.

I remembered also, the power of journaling, not just from the writing perspective but from what it is like to read someone else’s writing. I had a very profound experience a few years earlier when my beloved mother died. I was cleaning her apartment and found one of her notebooks. When I read her words, in her handwriting, I could hear her voice in my head and I felt closely connected to her. I felt privy to her inner thoughts that she didn’t share with me and I grew to understand her more in those pages then I did in a whole lifetime. I learned more about her as a woman who was way beyond being just my mother. When I thought of writing my boys, I thought of them experiencing a connection to me the same way as I did with my mum.

(with anyone, not just a romantic partner) 

 It's your opportunity to say everything that you might not say out loud.

 And right now you might NOT be feeling the love, and instead feel distant or cut off:

*Maybe you don’t feel close to your husband or wife, and you want to be and don’t know how or where to start? *

* or you are heartbroken about not getting along with your son or daughter and want to spend more time with them? *

* maybe you aren’t speaking to your sister or mother? *

* Or you’re dealing with a child with Autism or a parent with Alzheimers and are silently grieving loss even though they are right in front of you? (I know this one well) *

Open Heart Journals

                       WRITE FROM YOUR SOUL

When you write  from your heart, your heart opens to GRATITUDELOVE, COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING 
 which means:
​❤ deeper conversations with your husband

 more compassion for your sister
❤ gratitude for your mum or dad

 spending more quality time with your wife or daughter


​I enjoy variety so my life experience and professional path have taken me down some interesting roads:  I started off in Food Service and Hospitality, wound my way into Magazine Publishing as the Production Coordinator for Chatelaine & Flare magazines, had a short stint at Clinique Cosmetics, enjoyed a fun time as a Film Location Caterer, that included some on-set food styling, worked as talent in TV commercials,  was an Event Planner for Weddings, Corporate, Social functions, was Executive Assistant to the President of Staxi, who makes really cool Transport Chairs, loved being Personal Assistant to a Top Motivational & Real Estate Guru and his family and filled in with a few Office Admin, Sales, Marketing positions in between, and oh, was an Atmosphere Performer at Canada's Wonderland! 

My lifelong experience as a writer and journaler combined with 7 years of Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitating men and women from  STUCK  to EMPOWERED  is what I love and do best.

My Super Power ability to listen and hear what is really going on underneath what you aren't saying is what shifts my clients out of struggle, loss, grief or disconnect within themselves and their relationships.  If you are in transition, grieving, feeling distant or disconnected in your relationships, I can help you.

"Lori is very perceptive and compassionate. Her kind, gentle approach allows me to share openly my self-imposed limitations.  Through her deep listening, she has shown me how far I've come in my journey and continues to work with me to uncover the blocks that are not obvious to me." Catherine S. 

"Lori is amazing. She comes with this natural ability to calmly listen - so that I always feel heard. She has a lifetime of compassion and ability to open hearts from doing so herself. She's the real deal and helped me see the big picture when my son was having a really hard time dealing with mental issues and destructive behaviors. She helped me save my relationship with him and my Christmas too. If you value love - of yourself and others, Lori'sthe perfect coach to work with."   Shirley E



Open Heart Journals was born when I anticipated my 2 sons, growing up and leaving home. I became irrational with fear about losing our strong connection and becoming strangers. It suddenly became so important for me to let them know how much I love them. Even though they know, I wanted them to know without a doubt.


❤ they feel validated and appreciated (Praise is GOLD, IT IS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING YOUR STUCK  RELATIONSHIP)

 you told them in 101 ways all the things you LOVE and APPRECIATE about them

❤ you gave them a gift from your heart

 you took the time to write to them, by hand (your handwriting goes straight to their heart)


All they want is to know they are loved and they matter. It’s what we ALL want.




Who means the world to you? 
Who would you like to thank for being so good to you? 
Who do you feel disconnected from? 
Who would you like to heal your relationship with? 
Who do you miss? ​Who are you struggling with?


When I'm not writing, coaching or facilitating  workshops or retreats, I LOVE long walks, dinners with good friends, drumming circles, traveling, angel cards, drive trips, peppermint tea, patchouli, healthy living and connecting hearts.
Currently I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario, with my 2 sons (who have yet to move out but promise they will any day now!) and our beloved crazy character of a cat, Neo.