Open Heart Journals

                       WRITE FROM YOUR SOUL

Your heart is bursting with love and appreciation for someone in your life and you're looking for a special way to acknowledge them.

You're heartbroken because your relationship is drifting away and you'd like to feel close again. 

Your children are grown up and you want them to know how proud you are of them. 

There are infinite reasons to write an Open Heart Journal, and I can help you reconnect, heal your grief, get talking again and express your love in your own unique way. 



Denise wrote to her 2 young Autistic sons, for Christmas gifts.
She specifically chose journals with pictures of their favourite dogs on the front. She filled their pages with how much she loves them and why, how smart and talented they are and how grateful she is to have them in her life.

"My intention was to give a gift from my heart, in a special and unique way.  I am grateful for Lori's guidance in doing this. My biggest desire was for my sons to have a hard copy in my handwriting, to show my love and what I so appreciate about them."

Shirley wrote to her son in his twenties.
They had been through a difficult time and their communication was argumentative and strained. It was hard for her to focus on the good things. Can you relate? The journal…opened Shirley’s heart so she was able to reconnect with her love and gratitude for her son, which turned her completely around. She gave her journal as a present and left some blank pages in the back so she could add more over time.

Katherine wrote to her daughter in her 30’s.
She wanted to let her know how proud she is of her, especially after her daughter went through a challenging divorce. She wanted to share her appreciation of her and what a wonderful young woman she is.

“I’ve been writing a journal to my daughter for over 30 years & because of your  prompts and tutorials every week have really kept me on track…I’m finally going to get it done and I’m so excited!!”


Denise wrote to her parents to thank them for their love and support during a difficult time in her life.
She wanted to put her gratitude in words so they would really understand how much their support meant to her. While writing their journal, Denise experienced breakthroughs and clarity and discovered her life purpose which had been eluding her for years! She was SO excited and could hardly contain her excitement! Denise’s parents were humbled and so moved by her gift to them which created a deeper understanding of their daughter and now their relationship is so much closer.

"Opening my heart and sharing with my parents has opened us greatly and every day I am aware of ways they are opening to me and how our relationship is growing by special moments"

Patricia wrote to her mother
to acknowledge her courage for raising her and her sisters when she struggled as a single mother in a new country She wanted to be closer to her mum. She gave her journal as gift to take with her on a cruise. Imagine what it was like for Patricia’s mum to read her journal while enjoying her cruise?


“I really enjoyed your workshop. You really set the tone for what I could include in my journal .  Your method is simple and very effective and I know that my gift will go a long way in helping my Mom and I have an even better and closer relationship than we do now"


Yein wrote to her husband
to thank him for being a great husband and father to their 2 year old son. It was easier for her to put her feelings in writing. She also wrote about being overwhelmed with juggling her business, their son and being a wife. When her husband read his journal, he was touched by how much his wife acknowledged him for how hard he worked for their family and he had a new appreciation for her challenges. Interestingly, he became more helpful around the house, and more attentive towards her, just because he read his journal! Their relationship grew closer as a result and they are now happily expecting their 2nd child.

Carm wrote her husband to acknowledge their relationship in a way she hadn’t before. They are already quite close and she is a practiced writer however she found the journal allowed her to creatively express her feelings freely which also gave her permission to go deeper in a way she hasn’t before.


Kay wrote to her brother after he moved to another city. His self esteem was low and she wanted to encourage his best qualities and share her appreciation of him and their life together. She said writing the journal really opened her feelings of gratitude for him and for others in her life.

Rose wrote to her adult sister who has a mental illness. She wanted her sister to know that she is so much more than her diagnosis and that she is a brilliant and capable woman. She went into great detail to acknowledge her sister's gifts and all the things her sister does well.

​​“Writing this journal has given me the gift of remembering who my sister really is”


Lisa wrote to her husband to be.
She realized her beliefs about love and relationships were preventing her from meeting her true love. She wrote in her journal what she wanted in a man and their life together and in doing so, discovered what she didn’t want. The more she wrote, the clearer she became and as a result, was able to open her heart and start believing in love once again. Within a few short months, Lisa met the man of her dreams. They married and just had their first child.

"​​I honestly believe that writing my journal was the tipping point I needed to finally believe in love and make it available to myself. Thank you for sharing journaling as a tool to create love and connection with those we love dearly. It has been a wonderful experience"


Lois wrote to her mother who was ill. Her intention was to heal their tense and difficult relationship after a lifetime of arguing, before she died. Sadly, Lois’s mum passed away in the second week of the Online Workshop. However, Lois continued with her journal  while she was away at her winter home. She used her time to grieve and fully express all her feelings in her journal to her mum. What transpired from the emotion and grief that she poured into the journal, was PEACE.

Lois forgave her mother and found peace at last.

These are just a few examples of the many Open Heart Journals that have been written. I have coached dozens of women (mostly) through the process and would love to support you with transforming your relationship. 

Open Heart Journals Online Workshop

6 Weeks, 1 hour per week, evenings, EST, webinar group format, log-in via your computer or call in by

phone, all calls are recorded

Step by step, you will be guided through the process to write and create a beautiful Open Heart Journal for you to give as a gift to your loved one. You will learn, how to choose a journal, many different ways to acknowledge your special person, creative style, how to write about your yourself and why it's important to share about your own life, going deeper with apologies, tips to keep you on track and LOTS of prompts so will never be without something to say. 

Investment, $197.00 / 6 weeks (journal is not included)

Open Heart Journal, 1:1 Guidance

Private sessions, personal guidance where you and I work together to write your journal through to completion.

1 hour phone (or Skype) call per week, unlimited email in between calls. 8-12 weeks depending on content and depth of project.  (Add-on weeks are subject to additional charges.)
This is perfect if you:
prefer 1:1  as opposed to a group format.
have a challenging relationship that requires extra attention.
like a longer time frame and structure to complete your journal.

would like a memoir or family legacy

​Investment, $777.00
​(depending on content and length of project)

​​Open Heart, Self Love and Empowerment 1:1 Coaching

Ready for change?

If you are struggling with relationships, are in a life transition or at a crossroads, frustrated with your job or you know there is more to life than what you are currently doing...I can help. You can have a life you want!

Contact me to arrange a 30 minute Consultation to see if we are a fit and to hear more about the 12 week program to take you from STUCK  to  EMPOWERED

When we work together you will receive: 

 Three, 60 minute calls per month (phone or Skype)

 weekly assignments 

❤ journaling prompts to keep you on track

 email support & encouragement between sessions

 after session follow up notes to support you between calls and through the week

 compassionate listening and a safe space 

Investment $1,500.00

(3 months, $500 per month)