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                       WRITE FROM YOUR SOUL

"Write it Down, Make it Happen!"   Journal Workshop

Too Good General Store, Unionville

Wednesday January 17, 2018


January is goal setting month and this fun interactive workshop will teach goal setting with a twist!

Journal writing is a well known practice for reflection and is also a powerful tool to write down your desires and dreams. 

During this 2 hour workshop, you will learn the secret to writing your goals, wishes or desires in a way that has you manifest your dreams for a brand new year. You will learn Lori’s personal tips and the 4 step process she used to engage the Universe’s magic to manifest her dream home, free trip to Vancouver and many other dreams come true. You will learn how to use your journal to write your own lists that you can repeat over and over to manifest whatever you desire!

Writing experience isn’t necessary.

Bring your own journal or notebook, journals will also be available to purchase in the store. 

$65 for the session, materials and $15 to spend in the store that night. 

Seats are limited, register today:

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Happy Journaling!


Boundaries 101...Say Yes to YOU!" Workshop

The Rising Sun, Richmond Hill

Saturday December 16, 2017, 1-3pm

Boundaries are the foundation for loving yourself. Without boundaries, (guidelines or rules you set, so others know how to treat you), you feel powerless and not in control of your time, situations or your life... which can leave you feeling angry, bitter, vulnerable or resentful. Not setting boundaries can create unnecessary conflict in your relationships with both sides feeling let down.

This Holiday season let go of guilt or conflict, running around or going out of your way to please everyone else!

If you're already feeling the familiar  pull to make plans only to please family or friends, then join us for Boundaries 101, Say YES to YOU! and learn some great tips for having the best holiday season ever!
In this workshop you will learn:

  • new ways to avoid conflict with family or friends
  • why setting boundaries is necessary to live a healthy life
  • how "saying no" can lead to closer relationships
  • tips for loving and honouring yourself FIRST

Here's a little quiz...see how many you answer yes to...
Do you...

1. say yes and then feel resentful later?

2. say yes and then regret your decision?

3. feel guilty if you don't say yes?

4. blame others when you can't say no?
If you answered yes to even one of the questions, you will greatly benefit fromBoundaries 101, SayYES to YOU!

Workshop fee: $50 cash at the door

Pre-register $40, e-transfer accepted (
To Register, CALL or TEXT Lori at 416.909.0243
RSVP to The Rising Sun 905.884.3362
10330 Yonge St., Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 5N1


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